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2022-05-28 09:23:39 By : Mr. Sean Zhou

Cheong Kwan Jang’s Korean red ginseng combines over 120 years of heritage with cutting-edge research and development.

Korea Ginseng Corp formulates a wide range of Cheong Kwan Jang Korean red ginseng supplements, such as the classic Cheong Kwan Jang Tonic Gold. Photos: Cheong Kwan Jang

Cheong Kwan Jang’s Korean red ginseng combines over 120 years of heritage with cutting-edge research and development.

Ginseng has long been a prized herb in East Asian culture, historically valued for its reported benefits ranging from boosting brain function to improving immunity.

One of the more popular types of ginseng is the Korean red ginseng. Cheong Kwan Jang – certified as the world’s No 1 ginseng brand since 2014 by Euromonitor – only uses six-year-old Korean red ginseng that is harvested at the peak of its maturity and efficacy. According to the Journal of Ginseng Research and the Japanese Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences, six-year-old ginseng roots contain 1.4 to two times the amount of active ingredients as four-year-old roots.

A brand under Korea Ginseng Corp, Cheong Kwan Jang has modernised this traditional supplement by packaging it in convenient capsules, tonics and pouches, making the benefits of Korean red ginseng available to everyone on even the busiest of days.


According to Ms Phuah Li Yean, marketing manager of Wing Joo Loong – the exclusive distributor of Cheong Kwan Jang in Singapore – Korean red ginseng helps to maintain the body’s balance, rather than heightening or depressing specific symptoms. “Korean red ginseng enhances overall health and helps prepare the body to fight future health threats,” she said.

The safety of Korean red ginseng has been tested in a large-scale clinical trial involving 1,000 participants over six months and certified by the South Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

In another study done on colorectal cancer patients, Korean red ginseng was found to help reduce the symptom of cancer-related fatigue, and to be safe for patients when used in combination with chemotherapy.

Korea Ginseng Corp relies on extensive scientific research to ensure the safety of Cheong Kwan Jang products and their raw ingredients. The company invests 20 per cent of its annual profits into research and development (R&D), and has more than 200 in-house R&D specialists.


Korea Ginseng Corp formulates Cheong Kwan Jang Korean red ginseng supplements to suit everyone, based on research into customers’ needs and preferences.

For example, there are non-bitter capsules for those who do not relish the taste of ginseng or who are always on the go and need a quick way to ingest the benefits. For customers who wish to savour the taste of ginseng, Cheong Kwan Jang has extracts that can be enjoyed at one’s own pace.

Its bestseller is the Korean Red Ginseng Extract Everytime Balance 20s, which comes in portable sticks for convenience. For customers in need of a more traditional formula, Cheong Kwan Jang Tonic Gold contains – in addition to Korean red ginseng – herbs similar to those in the classic Chinese medicinal remedy Shi Quan Da Bu Tang, such as angelica, agaricus blazei extract, astragalus and licorice.

There are also products that meet more specific needs. The Hong Cheon Woong Khan (Men’s Vitality Supplements) combines Korean red ginseng with octacosanol, maca and other traditional plant ingredients to boost endurance, stamina and vigour. It is suitable for men above 30, especially middle-aged men who want to support their health and well-being during andropause.

Women over 30 are best suited for Hwa Ae Rak Jin (Women’s Balance), which is made of Korean red ginseng extract, pomegranate extract and a proprietary herbal blend that aims to improve wellness, hormonal balance, blood flow and estrogen levels. It is especially beneficial in supporting women from pre- to post-menopause, according to Cheong Kwan Jang.

If your job requires long, tiring hours of standing or if you suffer joint discomfort, Rhuma-X contains six-year-old Korean red ginseng extract and green-shell mussel oil to help with preservation and maintenance of joint functions.

Similarly, those who work long hours or are on long-term medication can benefit from Hwang Gan Cheong (Liver Tonic), an approved health product by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety that is designed to decompose toxins in the liver and regenerate liver cells.

For those who need to manage blood sugar levels, Dang & Balance aims to suppress a rapid rise in blood sugar after a meal, with the help of Koream red ginseng, banaba, carob locust bean, bitter melon and cinnamon extracts.

If you have chronic fatigue or need to recover your physical strength in a short period of time, Hwang Jin Dan is an option. Made from the top 2 per cent of Jisam (Earth Grade) roots, Hwang Jin Dan contains a host of beneficial ingredients such as deer antler extract powder, phellinus baumii extract powder, Korean angelica extract and radix rehmanniae.


According to Cheong Kwan Jang, Korean red ginseng can be consumed by both the young and old, except those who are pregnant or nursing. For children aged between three and 10 years old, Cheong Kwan Jang offers a special Kids Tonics range.

Korean red ginseng can be taken any time of the day, though Ms Phuah recommends ingesting the supplement on an empty stomach to better facilitate absorption. She also advises consuming Korean red ginseng two hours apart from Western medication. Those who are taking medication of any kind should seek a doctor’s advice before taking the supplement. 

While some might associate ginseng supplements with older people, Ms Phuah pointed out that ultimately, the potency of Korean red ginseng depends more on an individual’s physical condition than on his or her age.

“Its effectiveness is relatively more pronounced in weak subjects or the elderly with reduced physical function. However, healthy individuals are also encouraged to take Korean red ginseng regularly to help strengthen immunity and improve memory,” she explained.  

If you are taking Korean red ginseng for the first time, Ms Phuah recommends to start off with a half serving during the initial few weeks, and gradually increase to the full dosage as the body adapts to the effects of ginseng.

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