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Astragalus root powder:Specification :    40-60mesh,80-100mesh ,100-120mesh ,Moisture<5%,Ash<5%, Impurity<1%    100% pure organic astragalus root ,no additive    Third-party testing report and 247 pesticide, no detectedPackage:25kg/drum ,size:350*580mm &nb

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Astragalus root powder:
Specification :
    40-60mesh,80-100mesh ,100-120mesh ,Moisture<5%,Ash<5%, Impurity<1%
    100% pure organic astragalus root ,no additive
    Third-party testing report and 247 pesticide, no detected
Package:25kg/drum ,size:350*580mm
   Quantity: 50 tons every year
    1. Relieve stress, protect body against physical, mental, or emotional stress.
    2. Anti-cancer, reduce the side effects of anti-neoplastic drugs.
    3. Anti-oxidation, anti-aging.
    4. Anti-bacteria, prevent cold and upper respiratory infection.
    5. Lower blood pressure, protect liver, anti-diabetes, insulin resistance and anti-hyperglycemia.
    6. Treat old diseases, prevents bone loss.
    7. Treat heart diseases including coronary artery related diseases, heart failure and Cardiovascular Disease, and insufficient placental blood supply.
    8. Anti-inflammation and anti-infection, treat skin diseases.
    1. As added ingredients of medicines for improving immunity, benefitting spleen and kidney   and treating impotence , it is widely used in the fields of medicine and health products; 
   2. Applied in cosmetic field, it is able to nourish and cure the skin. 
How to use?
   1. Fill capsule, 2.Solid beverage/drink,3. Food addtive
Xi'an Nature Choice Co.,Ltd supply organic Astragalus root and powder alongwith the testing report of Eurofins and SGS.
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