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Product: Bitter melon Extract Use: Very effective to diabetes and in antivirus. Plant source: Fruit of momordica charantia L. Property: Yellow-light yellow powder Specification: Charantin 10% Testing method: HPLC/UV Heavy metal: < 10PPM Drying loss: <5% Microbe standard: Total p

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Product: Bitter melon Extract 
Use: Very effective to diabetes and in antivirus. 
Plant source: Fruit of momordica charantia L. 
Property: Yellow-light yellow powder 
Specification: Charantin 10% 
Testing method: HPLC/UV 
Heavy metal: < 10PPM 
Drying loss: <5% 
Microbe standard: 
Total plate count: < 1000CFU/ gMold and yeast: < 100CFU/ gEscherichia coli: Not foundSalmonella: Not foundStorage: In cool and dry place, avoid lightUseful life: 2 years. Packing: In cardboard drum(25/drum) lined with two-layer non-toxic plastic bag



Plant extracts

Lastest update 

Bromelain extract 2000/2500/3000GDU Food Grade

Barley grass powder 25:1 

Black cohosh extract 2.5%Triterpene glycosides 

Blueberry extract  25% proanthocyanidins

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Boswellia Serrata Extract 65%70% Boswellic Acid  

Buckthorn bark extract 5/10:1

Calendula extract powder 10:1 

Cat's Claw Extract 3% Alkoloids

Camptothecin diosgenin 98%

Chamomile Extract Powder 98%

Cinnamon Bark Extract powder 30:1 10%-30%Polyphenols 

Cytisine 98%

Cranberry extract 25% proanthocyanidins

Diosmin 90%99% micronized EP     

Echinacea powder 4% Polyphenols

Empimedium Extract 10%-98% Icariins

Enocianina 10% powder

Euphorbia Hirta (Euphorbia) extract powder

Fenugreek Seed Extract 40%-95% 4-Hydroxyisoleucine

Field Bindweed (Convolvulus Arvensis) Extract 10/20:1

Fucus Vesiculosus 5:1    

Fucoidan 4%60%80%

Garcinia Quaesita fruit 6:1   

Garcinia cambogia extract 60% HCA

Geranium (flower) Extract powder 200:1 (98%)

Ginseng extract and powder  full arranges

Gingko biloba extract 24%  

Genipin  95% 98%

Green tea powder (matcha powder) to use with foods/ice cream yoghurt

Green tea extract 10-98% catechin egcg, polyphenols        

Green tea extract ORAC 19,500/gram

Grape seed extract powder 80%90% 95% proanthocyanidins (OPCs)/polyphenols

Grapefruit seed extract powder 10:1  

Goji Berry (Lycium Barbarum) 40% 50% Polysaccharides

Gossypol acetate 99.8%    

Gymnema Sylbestre leaf 10:1  

Hawthorn leaf extract 1.5% -50% flavone

Hesperidin 90%-95%

Hoodia 10/20/30:1                

Hops extract liquid,powder,Pellets

Hyoscine butyl bromide  

Inula Helenium extract powder 10/5:1

Jujubosides 2%  

Juniperus Communis fruit 2:1     

Knotgrass (Polygonum aviculare L) extract 10/20:1

Leonurus Cardiaca Extract/ motherwort extract  10/20:1

Lutein 90% 

Luo Han Guo extract powder 40%-98% powder and granluar

Lobelia Extract 10:1 powder

Lycopene powder and oil 5%-90%

Mangosteen extract 10/20:30:1, 10%-90% Xanthone

Mitchella Repens Extract Partridge Berry Extract 25%

Mucuna Pruriens extract 60%-98% L-dopa

Mulberry leaf extract DNJ 0.5%-20%

Neohesperidin  95% USD115/kg FOB (special price)   

Neohesperidine Dihydrochalcone(NHDC)  

Palmatine 90%95%98% 

Papain 49,000 usp 

Pectin (apple and Citrus) 

Plum Extract 15% powder

Pine Bark Extract  95% proanthocyanidins

Pomegranate Fruit Powder 10:1

Pomegranate powder 20%40% polyphenols 40% punicosides  

PSP polysaccharide peptide 15%

Protodioscin Extract 80%-98%

Propolis extract 90%min powder

Resveratrol white powder 99%  USD404/kg FOB (special price)

(pure Trans-resveratrol, no resveratrol content).

Resveratrol 50%- 98%  

Rhodolia extract powder.(Rosavins,Salidroside)

Royal Jelly Powder Lyophilized 10-HAD 4.0% 5.0%6.0%  

Saw palmetto 25%

Silymarin 80% 60% UV/HPLC            

Silk powder 350 nanometer 3/5/10/40 micrometer

Stevia Extract Rebaudioside A 40 %

Stevia Extract Rebaudioside A 60 % USD58/kg FOB;

Stevia Extract Rebaudioside A 70 %

Stevia Extract Rebaudioside A 80 % USD110/kg FOB;

Stevia Extract Rebaudioside A 90 % USD133/kg FOB;

Stevia Extract Rebaudioside A 95% USD196/kg FOB;

Stevia Extract Rebaudioside A 98% USD258/kg FOB;    

Stevia Extract Rebaudioside A 99% USD287/kg FOB;

Stevia Extract Steviosides 80%

Stevia Extract Steviosides 90% USD31.5/kg FOB

Stevia Extract Steviosides 95%

Stevia Extract highly purified Steviosides 90% ( STV 84%)

Stevia Extract highly purified Steviosides 95% (STV 94%)

Stevia Extract Stevioside 98% (STV 98%)  

Tribulus powder 40%Protodioscin

Taraxacum Officinalis root 4:1 

Trametes versicolor /Coriolus versicolor PSK 0%20%30%40%

Vanilia powder 

Vitis Vinifera Seed 95%

Walnut shell powder

Wheatgrass powder 20:1 

White willow (Salix Alba) bark extract 10% 50% 80% salicin

Zingiber Officinale Extract 10/20:1

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