Rehmannia glutinosa Chinese medicine Rehmannia glutinosa

English Name: Chinese foxglove rootChinese Name: Dihuang/Shengdihuang/ShudihuangLatin Name: Radix Rehmannia Specification :      Grade A(10-25/1kg)       Grade B(25-65/kg)       Grade C(65-90/kg)     

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English Name: Chinese foxglove root

Chinese Name: Dihuang/Shengdihuang/Shudihuang

Latin Name: Radix Rehmannia 

Specification :

      Grade A(10-25/1kg)


      Grade B(25-65/kg)


      Grade C(65-90/kg)


      Grade D(100-120/kg)


      Cut: 5mesh,10mesh

Original place: Shanxi, Henan China

Active Ingredients: Rehmannisoside Catalpol , Polysaccharide

Part Used:    Root

Color:        Light Grey & Black

Package:     Carton & Plastic bag

Storage: Keep in cool &dry place

Applications: Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Medicinal

1. Seasonal febrile disease involving yinfen and yuefen,manifested as fever and irritability. 

2. Blood-heat ,epistaxis, hemoptysis,

3. Febrile diseases with consumption of body fluid manifested as fever, thirst and constipation.

4. Syndrome of yin deficiency and fire-hyperactivity with hectic fever.

5. Lung dryness syndrome with cough of epistaxis.

6. Sthenic or asthenic heat-syndrome with sorethroat

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