Natural herbal organic cordyceps extract meal cordyceps powder, cordycepin 4%

Product NameCordyceps Militaris ExtractLatin NameCordyceps MilitarisActive   Ingredients0.4% cordycepin & polysaccharide   50%1% cordycepin & adenosine 0.4%4% cordycepin & adenosine   0.71%10%   cordycepin & adenosine 1.68%Straight   PowderExtract Ratio :10:1 20:1Appearance

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Product Name

Cordyceps Militaris Extract

Latin Name

Cordyceps Militaris

Active   Ingredients

0.4% cordycepin & polysaccharide   50%

1% cordycepin & adenosine 0.4%

4% cordycepin & adenosine   0.71%

10%   cordycepin & adenosine 1.68%

Straight   Powder

Extract Ratio :10:1 20:1


Brown fine powder

Used Part


Main Function

Men's Health Care Natural Ingredients

Test Method



Cordyceps extract,also called cordyceps militaris extract,the marvelous herbal medicine replace of the expensive cordyceps sinensis ideally in the health and pharmaceuticals field,we cultivated the cordyceps with CS-4 in the corn,beans or wheat,got the dried fruit body and extract with water-alcohol,got the deoxyadenosine,cordycepic acid,cordycepin and polysaccharide usually.


   1.Function of antitumor and antiviral.

   2.Improves immunity and inhibiting cell division.

   3.Cordyceps militaris extract can be used to reduce blood cholesterol,triglycerides and artery atherosclerosis.

   4.Reduces the damage that toxic substances caused to the kidney


   1.Applied in cosmetic field, cordycepin is used to reduce chloasma, age pigment and whelk;

   2.Applied in food field, cordycepin is used as food additives added into many kinds of product;

   3.Applied in pharmaceutical field, cordycepin used as the basic drugs to treat cerebrovascular disease

Shelf  Life:  24 Months under the conditions above and in its original packaging.

Packing &Storage:

   1. 1kg/Aluminium foil bag, Inside: two plastic bags
   2. 25kg/fiber drum, Inside.: two plastic bags .Size: ID35cm×H51cm, 0.08m3/Drum; Gross Weight: 28kg.

   3. Keep in cool & dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat.


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